Patrol Division

These professional & dedicated Officers work 12 hour shifts and patrol five beats to maintain a visible police presence to reduce the opportunity for criminal activity.

  • First line of contact with the citizens
  • Responds to calls for service ranging from minor incidents to crimes in progress
  • Obtains preliminary information on crimes for reports to aid investigators
  • Enforces all state and local laws
  • Specialized Patrol includes:

Traffic Division FPDmc

  • Responds & investigates traffic accidents
  • Directs traffic
  • Utilizes radar to enforce speed in attempts to reduce traffic accidents
  • Escorts funerals
  • Works parades and other special details



Bike Patrol

This unit uses bikes that are more accessible and easier to maneuver in places where patrol cars can not go. They patrol the malls, neighborhoods, civic functions and special events.

Animal Control

This unit is available to the citizens of Flowood in need of assistance with stray or nuisance animals.

Canine Division

These officers are specially trained and spend many hours with their K-9 to maintain their proficient skills. They are often deployed upon request by on-duty officers as well as providing support to other agencies in need by providing:

  • Tracking
  • Building & Warrant searches
  • Narcotics detection
  • Apprehension assistance